Sunrooms and Three Season Rooms


The addition of a sunroom can change the way your family lives. Sunrooms are also known as Florida Rooms or Three Season Rooms. Sunrooms may be used as a den, but they commonly are an extension of the kitchen and can double as a lovely dining area. Imagine a room bathed in natural light where the kids can play or do homework. Is your kitchen area too small to accommodate a dining table? Your new kitchen sunroom will be a welcoming extension of your kitchen that can be enjoyed all year long.


Your new sunroom will improve the value of your house and there are many uses for this new space. Building a sunroom will take less time to complete than building an addition. The time required to build should take about one and a half weeks. The foundation for the sunroom will be built, a passage will be opened between the kitchen and sunroom, then your sunroom structure will be framed and finished. Keep in mind, more advanced ideas may take more time to complete.


Sunrooms add a lot of comfort to your home. Owners find the space valuable when it comes to gathering with the family, and it makes a great place to entertain the neighbors. The windows surrounding the room allow for an unobstructed view of the outdoor landscape. When we meet for a sunroom consultation, be sure to discuss your plans for the space and your expectations. Sunroom owners are typically very happy with the new found space and benefits added to their home! We are expert sunroom builders in Connecticut and we are licensed and insured. Please contact us here and request a Sunroom consultation.

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